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Furniture Restoration

Blackrock Upholstery provides all domestic and commercial customers with high quality furniture repairs and antique restoration. Whether your item is an expensive antique that requires expert care and attention or a modern piece of furniture that needs some minor repairs and TLC, we can do it all. 

With over 35 years of experience, Blackrock Upholstery has the knowledge, skills and equipment to restore your furniture to its former glory. From family heirlooms to antiques acquired at auction to modern or contemporary furniture, we are highly skilled craftsmen who use time honoured traditional skills and techniques to restore the appearance and value of your furniture. As furniture restoration specialists, we have a complete knowledge and understanding of the restoration process and we are able to fully restore all furniture pieces to perfect condition.

Our comprehensive furniture repairs service includes:

Wood Carving
French Polishing
Scratch Removal
Dent Repairs
Colour Matching
Inlay and Marquetry
Matching Veneers and Timbers
Repairing Loose Joints
Frame Repairs
Spring Replaced
Wood Turning
Furniture Waxing
Brass Work
Carving Repairs
Heat Ring & Water Mark Removal
Runner & Guide Repairs

We know how important your furniture is to you and the sentimental value your pieces can hold. We also understand better than most how the years can take its toll on your furniture. Our furniture restoration service will bring new life to your antique or traditional furniture so you can continue to enjoy them for years to come. We take great pride in the work we do and we guarantee high quality repairs, meticulous attention to detail, and beautiful, long-lasting results. All furniture restoration work is carried out with great care and respect for your furniture and antiques




What is furniture restoration?

Furniture restoration is the process of repairing cosmetic and structural damage to a piece of furniture. The goal is to improve the appurtenance of the piece without detracting from its original appearance charm, or value, particle if it is an antique item.

Will furniture restoration increase the value of my antique?

If carried out properly furniture restoration will increase the value of your antique. A good restoration carried out by an experienced professional like Blackrock Upholstery will allow the true beauty if the piece to shine through, making it more attractive to collectors.

How much does furniture restoration cost?

The price of furniture restoration will vary depending on the age of the item, the size, the amount of damage to be repaired, etc. Once we examine the piece of furniture and asses the necessary repairs we will provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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